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yoga live & online -
new possibilities & fields of benefits

movement in a group, direct feedback & support, community and motivation like a studio visit, while time-saving, location-independent and safe at the same time

The A-Z benefits of online yoga


my Zoom classes are semi-private which means groups of no more than 9! You don’t just become a tiny square on a computer screen who blends in with the masses. Option for 1:1 sessions!

direct & individual feedback

You are looking for personalised feedback and guidance to your practice – with online yoga you have the guidance, support and motivation of your eagled eye teacher watching over you

balance & strength for body & mind

having a fixed appointment while working the most time in home office allows you still finding time for yourself to relax, recover and strengthen your body. Yoga is an excellent tool reflief pain & tension after long hours of sitting

location-independent & time-saving

online classes are the best of both worlds, you can practice in the comfort of your own home without spending time on travel ways at all while receiving all benefits of a studio class

About yoga

  • You don’t need to be flexible. Or strong. 
  • You don’t have to be vegan or like camomile tea.
  • You don’t even have tobe spiritual at all.
  • Yoga is for everyone. Literally everyone.

Find me someone who doesn’t want to be capable, comfortable and content in their own body and lives and maybe yoga isn’t for them.

But yoga can take many forms, and there is a yoga out there that is perfect for YOU and help you improve posture, relief pain and thus make your life much more happier

And if strength, mobility, a bit of fun and playfulness is your yoga, then I’m pleased to inform you, you’re in the right place.

About maike

Trained by the world’s most renowned yoga teachers such as Yoga Institute India, Jared McCann, Sam Vetrano, Irene Pappas and Carson Calhoun have made Maike a leading figure.
Sought after as an expert in yoga worldwide, is an international yoga teacher, inspirational speaker, podcaster, writer, world traveller. She is the founder of Germany’s first online yoga studio that is fully certified by health insurance companies.

Maike believes in making the tools of traditional yoga accessible for all different sizes, shapes, ethnicities and ages.
So yoga is more than just a workout for her. Her passion and knowledge about the benefits and positive effects of yoga on body and mind in daily life, she now shares with her students in seminars, retreats and yoga classes all over Germany and Europe. So it is no wonder that Maike’s message of strength, flexibility and live a much happier, tension and pain free life with the help of yoga, reaches people all over the world.


What my students say

Loved that class so much! I have been struggling with tryin to do supported head stand for a long time and your queues are actually starting to let me see how its done.. also the mermaid pose, I was close and I've been tryin that in face to face classes but none of the ques have made me understand how the hell i could ever get there! Thanks so much, really loving it xx
Cecile Emeke
I'm not the sort of person that goes for coaching, but what can I say... Maike came at the right time and the right place. Thanks man, you helped me become a mover, part time yogi and living a much more accountable life.
Griffin Freeman
Hi Maike. I just wanted to thank you again for today's class. I Was a bit worried because of the Level, first class, online... and therd was no reason. IT WAS AMAIZING and YOU Are AMAIZING. I love every and each second of it. I already introduce you and your Youtube Chanel to my friends and i hope that they like it as much as I do. I hope we can see each other next week 🙂
Keith Stanfield
Oh my... I never thought I could feel so good in a simple talking regular sessions with Maike. True, her yoga, educating and teaching skills also help me relax! And it's her spirit and sympathy that really great.
Myra Lucretia

regular movement & breath are more important for your health than you may believe

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