by Maike

Hi Yogi

I am very happy to share these news with you! As you probably join me online and not localy for my yoga classes & events, you wouldn’t notice at all.

First, nothing changes for you.

Calling a place my studio now

But, within 2 years the world was turning fast in the online biz but beside lockdowns passed and people and countries starting to turn back to normal. So I do too. That meant, time has come, giving my tiny sacred filming space a name and not only marketing it under the name „yoga with maike“. Cause actually within two years this tiny space became quite big and turned out to be a proper yoga studio. Saying I am running and owning my own yoga studio still feels weird to say, think, etc 🙂

So yoga with maike turned into the panatrhei. a place where movement and breath shall meet. pantarhei is a formula or algorithm founded by the philosopher Heraklit and means „all flows or let it flow“. Well explaining yoga with a math technique really is really attractive fact to me, cause I teach modern and movement based yoga. esoteric free. What else could fit better than a formula explains what we do on our mats!

As you might not have the chance to say hi locally, I want to share the outside view and my bright (it tremendous bright) with you!

What’s new – Video on Demand

Since today you can access all live classes on a video on demand platform. all is implanted in my booking tool Fitogram, and you can watch any class no Mather if you haven’t attended any of my live classes or not. you can get a single access or a monthly access to all videos online and you can watch them multiple times or as much as you prefer.

This feature is available for everyone and you don’t commit to any subscription.

Find all videos now, simply via clicking here and start your yoga practice with me!

1 : 1 spaces – free spots

I am happy to tell you I have open sports for 1:1 yoga sessions free, helping you reach your goals in yoga. In a 60 minute session I watch with my eagled eyes above your practice and making you better in whatever your yoga goal is. This makes a practice very efficient and tough at the same time. So if you´re interested in making one of the open spots yours, drop me a message at hello@yogawithmaike

Side note: 1:1 are very flexible regarding time zones so don’t hesitate to contact me!

That’s for now!

Hope to see you on the mat in one of my classes!

Happy Day


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